Our Goals and Aims


Our goal is to meet with each individual and plan a way forward on how we can help them overcome their loneliness and social isolation. The ultimate goal is to help everyone reconnect with family, friends and groups so that they feel part of their local community.

We are very aware that everyone’s journey is different and therefore we work with individuals to create a detailed plan of how we can achieve this together. The individuals we work with are fully involved every step of the way, as it is their journey. For us to be able to achieve success we need to work together to build the perfect plan for them.


The aim of the Better Together service is to work towards reducing social isolation and loneliness within Norfolk.

We do this by working with many different organisations, such as Men’s Sheds, The Shoebox, Mind, Headway, All about you groups in Wymondham and Poringland and also the Citizens Advice bureau, to name a few.

Everyone is different and will have different needs, therefore our life connectors work with individuals to establish what their need is and how we can work together to achieve positive results, as there is not a one size fits all.