Our Team

Better Together Norfolk

John McBride, Team Leader, Email John or call him on 07467 641999

Martin O’Neill, Referrals Coordinator, Email Martin

Will Dowe, Group and Activities Coordinator, Email Will or call him on 07436 183998

Paul Davenport-Randell, Life Connector, Email Paul or call him on 07586 684082

Ikechukwu Oraegbunam, Life Connector, Email Ikechukwu or call him on 07833 740899

Harley Butt, Life Connector, Email Harley or call him on 07384 113565

Simon Wiltshire-Payne, Life Connector, Email Simon or call him 07435 033061

Steve Harris, Life Connector, Email Steve or call him on 07384 114515

Olivia Okoye, Life Connector, Email Olivia or call her on 07436 141660

Jonny Wood,  Men’s Shed Network Facilitator, Email Jonny

Tom Gaskin, Peer Support Coordination through The Shoebox Community HubEmail Tom

Faye Scott, Senior Services Manager, Email Faye or call her on 07384 110362