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Our Team

Laura Bloomfield, Service Manager, Email Laura or call her on 07384 112155

Lucy Hogg, Head of Communities, Voluntary Norfolk. Email Lucy or call her on 01603 883819

Jonny Wood,  Men’s Shed Network Facilitator  Email Jonny or call him on 01603 883808

In Norwich

Will Dowe, Life Connector (Norwich).  Email Will  or call him on 07384 114515

Katie Snazell, Life Connector (Norwich). Email Katie

In Great Yarmouth

Stacey Nash, Community Development Worker (Great Yarmouth). Email Stacey or call her on 07384 112951

Al Hardie, Life Connector (Great Yarmouth). Email Al or call him on 07776 658766

Kelly Rayson, Life Connector (Great Yarmouth). Email Kelly or call her on 07539 867595

In South Norfolk and parts of Breckland

Ben Gulliver, Community Development Worker, South Norfolk and Breckland. Email Ben or call him on 07384 110362

Gemma Bush, Life Connector (South Norfolk). Email Gemma or call her on 07879 602413

Jay Becker,  Life Connector (South Norfolk and Breckland).  Email Jay or call him on 07976 373326

Our Helpline support workers are

Carolyn Fitzgerald, Martin O’Neill, and Vicki Penny.  Call the Better Together Helpline on 0300 303 3920 to speak to Carolyn, Martin or Vicki.