BTN client joins team of Voluntary Norfolk volunteers

What a difference a year makes! One of our BTN clients is making great strides with her confidence and has recently trained as a volunteer to support others.   
Lucy’s story

Lucy is originally from Hertfordshire and moved to Norfolk with a friend from work in 2019.

Several years later, Lucy developed health complications and was admitted to the N & N hospital intensive care unit with a kidney infection and sepsis. The infection caused permanent spinal cord damage, so Lucy had to learn to use a walking frame to get about.

Following a prolonged stay in hospital, Lucy found she was homeless when she was discharged and spent the next 11 months in temporary accommodation. She was then re-housed in a bungalow.

With a friend living the other side of Norwich and mobility issues, Lucy began feeling very isolated, depressed and anxious. She said she felt “closed off to everyone” and would “take the easy way out” by just staying at home by herself.

How joining a group made a difference

In 2023 Lucy accepted a referral from South Norfolk Early Help Hub to Better Together Norfolk. It was here that she was supported to attend the Wymondham All About You group.

Since then, Lucy has become a regular attendee. She is a popular and valued member of the group, welcoming new members and making them feel comfortable and listened to.

Despite her mobility issues, Lucy would frequently help set up the venue for the group and make drinks for everyone as they arrived.

As Lucy naturally fell into a role supporting others, we discussed her becoming a fully trained volunteer. Lucy accepted with some trepidation, concerned that her dyslexia would prevent her from completing the VNLS training, however she completed the 4 units of training completely unaided, scoring 100% in 3 of them.

My Group and Activity Coordinator, Will, has helped me so much by improving my confidence by offering to help with any issues and believing in me. This group has been a lifeline for me and many others.”

The desire to see the group not only survive but flourish was the main reason for Lucy’s determination to succeed.

Despite her anxiety, Lucy has overcome great hurdles to achieve the role of a fully trained volunteer. She can now run the sessions independently and safely.

Well done Lucy and thanks for all your brilliant work!

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering can offer numerous benefits:  

  • Help you meet new people with similar interests
  • Give you opportunities to develop new skills and gain exposure to different experiences
  • Provide a sense of purpose, knowing you are making a difference 

If you are looking for volunteering opportunities, there are loads to choose from on Volunteering opportunities in Norfolk | Get InVOLved Norfolk.  


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