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The Better Together Norfolk service is more than just a lifeline to adults who are struggling with social isolation. Our Life Connectors are here to support you to build bridges, connecting people, one step at a time.
Mary’s story

‘Mary’ was caring for her adult son. He needed her support due to his cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome and cyclical vomiting syndrome. When Mary was initially referred to the BTN service, she was also visiting her elderly Mum, leaving her very little time for herself. Mary was suffering with long-COVID, anxiety and depression.

Sadly, Mary’s Mum passed away. Her son began a course at the local University and Mary felt she could take some time to invest in herself.

Our Life Connector began working with Mary to identify interests and find groups that she could attend in her local area.

Mary became a member of an online carer’s group and quickly found support and interests she shared with others, and became open to hobbies she had not considered previously.

With a new found confidence, Mary attended some local face-to-face groups too. A conversation about languages has sparked her interest in learning German and she has begun lessons.

Mary is now fully engaged in online and local groups. She has a new found sense of determination and enthusiasm. “I am really chuffed with those groups. Just what I was after. Thanks!

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Our passionate team of Life Connectors are here to provide information, advice and support. If you or someone you know are experiencing challenges with their health and wellbeing due to loneliness, then please do get in touch.

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