Helping people one phone call at a time: Graham’s story

Friendship is like food. We need it to survive. Unfortunately, there are still many people living in Norfolk who, for different reasons, don’t have many opportunities to go out and about and meet others. A listening ear and a good chat are enough to make someone’s day. Our Befriending volunteers are therefore working hard to make sure that as many people as possible still have someone to talk to.

Graham is one of our Telephone Befriending Volunteers. He provides one to one support, tailored to individual service users. It was Graham’s love for fulfilling opportunities that brought him to us: ‘I like the feeling that I’m doing something positive. A sense of purpose’. And our service users love talking to Graham, too. ‘They keep coming back for more, so I believe they do find it beneficial,’ he says modestly.

If you also love meeting new people and would like to have a positive impact on someone else’s life, join our team of volunteers. You can complete our online form or email our Volunteer Coordinators.

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