New radio show for Norwich focuses on loneliness and social isolation

An innovative monthly radio show for Norwich starts this weekend (6pm Saturday July 4th) to raise awareness of and provide entertainment and support for people who are lonely or socially isolated.  The Better Together Show brings together the broadcasting expertise and reach of community radio station Future Radio and the professionals skills and personal warmth of Will Dowe, from Voluntary Norfolk’s Better Together team.

Will has become a well-known face and voice in Norwich for the support he is offering lonely and isolated people during Covid-19, including his daily 2pm Facebook check in and running a new pen-pal scheme.  Discussions about loneliness and isolation will be reflected throughout Will’s new show, together with great music, inspirational guests, and news on activities and events.  Invited guests will also be asked to select songs that hold significance for certain points in their lives or that reflects their live as a whole.

‘Most people experience loneliness at some time in their lives’ says Will. ‘It affects people of all ages and all backgrounds, but Covid, social isolation and lockdown has made it so much more common.  Connecting with people, volunteering and taking part in activities and groups can help, and it is still possible to do those things, even when we are confined to our homes, but it can be hard to take those first steps.  I hope my show will raise awareness of loneliness and what support is available, but most of all, I hope it is entertaining and a positive experience for people who are listening and joining in.’

‘This is an exciting new partnership for us,’ says Christopher Remer of Future Radio. ‘Both Future and Voluntary Norfolk are dedicated to supporting people throughout Norwich, and a monthly, themed radio show, tackling a specific issue will enable us to reach and support even more people, in a way that is entertaining, trusted and inclusive.’

The Better Together Show runs from 6-7pm on the first Saturday of every month, starting tomorrow (July 4th).

Listen live online at



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