New Community Jigsaw Project Launched

Better Together has launched a new community jigsaw project. The aim is of this craft project is to create a large work of art to be displayed online and in the community, made up from individually designed jigsaw pieces that all fit together. The theme for decoration is ‘community’

We are asking people to decorate the template piece using any medium and/or add any suitable words

Here are some examples:

How the community jigsaw project works

People download and print the jigsaw piece and then add their art/words.

Any groups such as libraries, support groups, schools, churches, art groups, writing groups, etc are encouraged to take part.

The completed pieces can be either emailed to Pam Spicer (Better Together Campaign Coordinator) so that they can be uploaded and displayed or, preferably, posted it to us to be added to our “one big puzzle”.

Better Together Norfolk
C/O Harleston Information Plus
8 Exchange Street
IP20 9AB

Groups can collect their jigsaw pieces, join them together and send an image of the completed puzzle. The individual pieces when joined do not have to make up a single image.

Images of all the work submitted will be posted on the Better Together Norfolk Facebook page and Twitter feed over the coming months.

Please share the template far and wide with friends, family, contacts, groups and members of your community. A poster for this project can be downloaded here.

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