#NoBlameNoShame Campaign

National Trading Standards (NTS) have launched a #NoBlameNoShame campaign following research into the high number of people being targeted by scams.

The current campaign is aimed at encouraging people to talk about being scammed. NTS figures suggest 73% of adults in the UK have been targeted by scams, but fewer than 1/3 report this crime to the authorities.

NTS believe the most common reasons these scams are going severely underreported is due to victims’ shame and worry they will not be supported if they come forward. The most common feelings given by victims of a scam are being ‘angry’ with themselves, feeling ‘stupid’ and ’embarrassed’. Fewer than 32% reported the crime to an authority such as the police, 42% did not report this to their bank and 2/3 didn’t share this with a friend or relative.

According to a report commissioned to consider some of the techniques used by criminals, tactics used include:

  • Isolation
  • Gaslighting – a technique that undermines a person’s perception of reality – memories, recent events and/or conversations
  • Love bombing – a form of psychological and emotional abuse often disguised as excessive flattery

Lord Michael Bichard, Chair of the National Trading Standards, said:

“Scams and fraud blight every part of society and it is time for society to fight back. If we can strip away the shame associated with becoming a victim of fraud or scams, by bringing the issue out into the open and discussing our experiences as families and communities, we can reduce the power of the criminals to do harm. Education is key to prevention. Alongside this, I am asking the Government to step up and provide better care for victims, helping us break the cycle of shame, underreporting and under-resourcing.”

If you would like to find out more about this campaign and read some ‘top tips’, head to our advice page:

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