Tackling loneliness this Christmas

Tackling loneliness this Christmas is so important for Better Together. Feeling lonely can make anyone sad and affect all our thoughts and feelings. It’s okay if you feel this way, and it’s important to talk about it, especially over the festive period when a lot of people feel more isolated than usual.

As Christmas approaches, some people might feel particularly lonely. Seeing pictures of happy families can make it tough for those who are on their own. There’s also the sense that everyone else is doing fun things and feeling happy.

It’s important to know that being part of a community and doing activities with others can help. That’s where our Better Together life connectors can help. We can find activities that you like and take you to groups where you can meet like-minded people. Sometimes we’re even able to help set up groups.

It’s important though that there’s only so much our life connectors can do.

It’s important that to remember that we can all do something to help. Things like checking on your friends, family, and neighbours is really helpful. Spending time together, visiting them, calling them or simply sending a message, or connecting on social media can all remind them that they are not on their own. By working together and caring for each other, we can make our community stronger and more connected.

If you’re feeling lonely, reach out to someone. Look for local clubs and activities to join, or think about volunteering. And if you need help, there are support services like Better Together Norfolk you can talk to.

Better Together have also launched a slow cooker appeal this year to help people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. They have also organised Christmas hampers to go out to 100s of people in Great Yarmouth

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