How volunteering can make a difference

Tina was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, but volunteering and joining the All About Wymondham group has made such a difference!

Tina shared her home with her partner, but a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and anxiety made it difficult for Tina to have the confidence to connect with her local community.

During Tina’s first meeting with her Life Connector from the Better Together Norfolk Team, she presented as quite shy and nervous.

Attending a local peer to peer support group appealed to Tina. She regularly attends the All About You Wymondham group and is a valued member. Being able to feel safe in an environment where she can share her views and experiences has helped Tina’s confidence grow.

Tina and her Life Connector also looked into volunteering opportunities. She now regularly helps at the Riding with the Disabled (RDA) sessions and loves working with the horses and people. Tina said “Thank you so much for making this happen, it’s made my year.”

Tina’s partner has also noticed a positive difference, describing her as being “in a far happier place.”

How can volunteering help?

Volunteering isn’t just about what you give, it can be about what you gain!

  • Helps you connect and develop new friendships with people of similar interests in your area
  • It can help you develop new skills and give you exposure to new experiences, which can help with your CV and job prospects
  • Contributing your time can be fulfilling, bringing about a sense of purpose and achievement
  • Interacting with others can help your self-esteem and social skills
  • It can help combat loneliness and depression, by positively impacting upon your wellbeing
Where can I find volunteer opportunities?

If you live in Norfolk, then there are lots of roles on this website:

Volunteering opportunities in Norfolk | Get InVOLved Norfolk

You can search by interests or location and contact the organisation directly.

You won’t just be doing something good, it will help you feel good too.

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