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We may be apart but we are still Better Together

As a service designed to deal with loneliness and social isolation Better Together is well placed to support our existing clients, as well as taking on additional referrals from people who find themselves unexpectedly isolated. The requirements to stay at home will of course mean that it is no longer be possible to connect people to groups as we would normally recommend,, or undertake home visits but we are still able to offer telephone support, video chat and signposting to other online support. There is also more online support available than ever, with new activities being set up all the time, including online exercise classes, education resources, singing groups and virtual tours of art galleries and scenic areas locally and worldwide. For people who do not have online access, we will ensure they are supported through other means. Our Community Development activities are continuing as much as possible, and we are working with new and existing community groups to provide services and support in their community

The Freephone Better Together Helpline remains open from Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. Calls are being diverted to a mobile phone and then triaged to team members, who will make return calls to clients.

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