Social Media Kindness Day

Social Media Kindness Day is a global awareness day that happens every year on the 9th November. It encourages users of social media platforms to be mindful of their interactions and to foster a more supportive and compassionate online community. It also highlights the potential of social media to connect people, share uplifting stories and

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New worldwide study highlights extent of loneliness

If you are feeling lonely, you are not alone. A recent worldwide survey by Meta-Gallup has revealed that almost 1 in 4 adults, (24% of people aged 15 and above) worldwide experienced loneliness to some extent. The survey covered 142 countries and asked individuals how lonely they felt. Interestingly, young adults between 19 and 29

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Norfolk’s Chatty Chairs: The Story So Far

Norfolk’s Chatty Chairs have been continuing their progress around the county over the last few months. They have been looked at, talked about and sat in by the humble and prominent alike and, as hoped, allowed new friendships and connections to be forged. Norfolk’s Chatty Chairs in Norwich For example, the chairs attended a community

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