Towards different days together

Our Life Connectors have been busy setting up groups in different areas of Norfolk to help people connect with others in their community. One of them is the “Different Day” support group in Norwich that helps people experiencing depression, bipolar or both. “A number of clients said they were frustrated at some professionals visiting them,

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Pancakes in Good Company

It was Pancake Day on Tuesday 1 March so we knew exactly what to do for our Social Café this week! Everyone who came was treated to delicious pancakes and could also take part in a pancake race. The weather was against us unfortunately so we had to hold the pancake race inside. But everyone

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New Community Jigsaw Project Launched

Better Together has launched a new community jigsaw project. The aim is of this craft project is to create a large work of art to be displayed online and in the community, made up from individually designed jigsaw pieces that all fit together. The theme for decoration is ‘community’ We are asking people to decorate

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